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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Site Administrator role.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to add a survey to the course (Site Admin)  
  2. How to add a user (Site Admin)  
  3. How to add an assessment to the course (Site Admin)  
  4. How to back up a course (Site Admin)  
  5. How to collaborate with people on live (Site Admin)  
  6. How to configure the LOOP LMS gamification features (Site Admin)  
  7. How to create a category (Site Admin)  
  8. How to create a chatroom and chat with people across your portal (Site Admin)  
  9. How to create a course from scratch (Site Admin)  
  10. How to create a course from template (Site Admin)  
  11. How to create a learning plan for a learner based on his skills competency (Site Admin)  
  12. How to create a reward (Site Admin)  
  13. How to create a survey (Site Admin)  
  14. How to create an assessment (Site Admin)  
  15. How to customise the gamification badges (Site Admin)  
  16. How to customise your branding (Site Admin) (Not finalised)  
  17. How to customise your certificate (Site Admin)  
  18. How to deactivate a user or users (Site Admin)  
  19. How to import multiple users to your portal at once (Site Admin)  
  20. How to import questions in the GIFT/AIKEN formats (Site Admin)  
  21. How to manage the course (Site Admin)  
  22. How to record your temperature in your portal (Site Admin)  
  23. How to restore backup in your portal (Site Admin)  
  24. How to restrict download the module resource (Site Admin)  
  25. How to set up a conference session (Site Admin)  
  26. How to set up a virtual classroom (Site Admin)  
  27. How to set up a virtual lecture theatre (Site Admin)  
  28. How to track and update the learner’s skills competency (Site Admin)  
  29. How to view your portal in your preferred language (Site Admin)  
  30. What are the available question type (Site Admin)  

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