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How to create a reward (Site Admin)

To give your learners recognition for their achievements, it helps to push the learners to work harder towards upskilling. LOOP LMS provides a rewards system to help you convert your learners’ hard work into real monetary.

Here’s how to create a reward in a few steps:

1. Log in to your LOOP LMS account as a Site Administrator. Go to Accounts and Settings  > Reward (1).


2. Click on "New Rewards" (2)


2. Fill in the fields, add more variety of rewards in different points and amount.

3. Add the extra section (3).

4. Submit (4).


That’s it!

Now you can motivate your learners to learn by rewarding them with vouchers or customised certificates! You can also configure the gamification features based on your training needs.

 Last updated Thu, Jul 30 2020 10:44am

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