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How to create an assessment (Site Admin)

Before you can add an assessment to the course, you will need to create an assessment and select the questions.

Here’s how to create an assessment in a few steps:

1. Log in to your LOOP LMS account as a Site Administrator. Go to Courses > Create > Assessment (1).


2. Fill up the fields and select Random (2) if you want to randomise the sequence of the questions and Unlimited (3) if you allow the learners to have unlimited attempts.


3. Click the edit icon (4) to edit the question and its answer and click ‘x’ (5) to remove the question.


4. Select the type of question (6) and click ‘Add Question’ (7) to add other questions.


5. Tick the question(s) (8) and add selected question(s) (9).


6. Save (10) the assessment.


That’s it!

Now you can create an assessment and add it to the course. Don’t forget to create a survey and include your survey questions in the course to receive feedback from the learners.

 Last updated Thu, Jul 30 2020 10:44am

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