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How to create a learning plan for a learner based on his skills competency (Site Admin)

LOOP LMS has integrated the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)’s Skills Framework into a core feature. LOOP LMS allows the Site Administrator to create a learning plan based on the competency gaps of a learner in relation to his/her job scope.

Here’s how to create a learning plan in a few steps:

1. Log in to your LOOP LMS account as a Site Administrator. Go to Learning Plan > Create (1).

2. Name the Learning Plan (2) and choose either by individual learner or by group (3).

3. Indicate the sector (4), occupation (5), and the job role (6) before you go to the next section (7).


4. The key tasks of the related job role (8) are displayed.


5. You can view (9) a more detailed explanation regarding each skill listed.

6. Select the skills that your learner(s) have (10) and click next (11).


7. Select the tab indicating two types of skills (12), and choose the course category (13) and the relevant course (14) based on the skills that you want to build in the learner(s).

8. Add (15) more courses if needed or delete (16) the extra course.

9. Submit (17).


That’s it!

Now you can train your learners based on their competency gaps. Learn how to track and update your learners’ skills competency. Otherwise, create more courses from scratch or from template to upskill your learners.

 Last updated Thu, Jul 30 2020 10:44am

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