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How to track and update the learner’s skills competency (Site Admin)

It is important to keep track of your learners’ skills competencies to ensure that they are always well equipped with the relevant knowledge. LOOP LMS allows the Site Administrator to track and update the skills competency of a learner.

Here’s how to track and update the skills competency in a few steps:

1. Log in to your LOOP LMS account as a Site Administrator. Go to Learning Plan > Manage (1).


2. View (2) the relevant learning plan.

3. Go to the Status tab (3) to view the learner’s progress. Once you think that the learner has achieved the skills, you can update his/her competency (4).


4. Tick the relevant skills (5) and click next (6) to submit (7).



That’s it!

Now you can check the competency gaps of your learners with their current progress. Otherwise, create more courses from scratch or from template to upskill your learners.

 Last updated Thu, Jul 30 2020 10:44am

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