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(COURSE) 03. How to create an assessment

Before you can add an assessment to the course, you will need to create an assessment and select the questions.

Here’s how to create an assessment in a few steps:

1. Log in to your LOOP LMS account as an Instructor/Site Administrator. Go to Courses > Assessment (1).


2. Click on "New Assessment" (2).

Name the assessment (3) and set the privacy setting of the assessment (4) to limit the visibility of your assessment to other users. Key in the maximum number of attempts (5) and select the grading options (6). Check to present the questions randomly (7) and if there can be unlimited attempts (8). Select the duration (9) for the assessment. Toggle to show the correct answer (10) in the assessment report. Enable or disable the Start/End date (11). If enabled, select the start date/time (12) and end date/time (13). Enable or disable learner’s Identity Verification (14). Click next (15) to proceed to the Questions section.


Create assessment questions in the Questions tab by selecting the question type (16) and add new questions (17). Click Submit (18) to save the assessment.


That’s it!

Now you can create an assessment and add it to the course. Don’t forget to create a survey and include your survey questions in the course to receive feedback from the learners. Next up: learn how to manage your course.

 Last updated Wed, Dec 15 2021 8:39am

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