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(FLASHCARD) 10. What is the difference between overall mastery and study set mastery

LOOP LMS lets you know how well you have mastered each study set and the topic in general with the mastery indicator.

Here’s how to view your mastery in a few steps:

1. Log in to your LOOP LMS account as a Learner/Instructor/Site Administrator. Go to Adaptive Flashcards > My Topics (1).

2. Overall Mastery (2) shows your overall confidence level among all the study set under this topic. Click on the ”i” button (3) to see the explanation for overall mastery.

3. Click the “view” button (4) to view the constituent study sets.

4. Study Set Mastery (5) shows your confidence level on that particular study set. Click on the ”i” button (6) to see the explanation for study set mastery.

That’s it!

LOOP LMS indicates your understanding of the study set that you are enrolled in through the various mastery progress bars, ensuring that you do not spend excessive time on a topic that you are already confident of. Next up: learn how to flag an inappropriate flashcard.

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