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(FLASHCARD) 11. How do I flag an inappropriate flashcard

LOOP LMS allows you to flag flashcard you deem to be inappropriate, preventing further use of the study set

Here’s how to flag a flashcard:

1. Log in to your LOOP LMS account as a Learner/Instructor/Site Administrator. Click on the Flag icon (1) when you are viewing a flashcard that you find inappropriate.

2. Click “Ok” (2) to confirm the flagging of the inappropriate flashcard.

Can I un-flag a flashcard after flagging?

Once a user flags a flashcard, they will not be able to unflag it after that and will have to wait for a Site Administrator to unflag it using the Site Administrator Investigate mode.

Inappropriate content on LOOP LMS is a serious offence and flagging flashcards prevents users from viewing or using the study set. If wrongly flagged, users might receive severe punishment for depriving other users from the right to learn.

That's it!

Refrain from sharing a flashcard topic to others if you truly deem it to be inappropriate. Also, learn what to do when a study set belonging to you is flagged.

If you are a Site Administrator, you might also be interested in learning what to do when you receive a notification of a study set being flagged.

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