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(FLASHCARD) 12. What should I do if my flashcard is flagged

LOOP LMS lets you edit flashcards after they are flagged.

Here’s what to do when you receive a notification that a study set belonging to you has been flagged in a few steps:

1. Log in to your LOOP LMS account as a Learner/Instructor/Site Administrator. Go to Adaptive Flashcards > My Topics (1).

2. Click the “view” icon (2) to move to the page showing your study sets.

3. Click the “edit” icon (3) to edit the flashcards in your study set.

4. Click the “-“ icon (4) to remove the flashcard which has been deemed inappropriate and then “Save Changes” (5). The Site Administrators should resolve the flagged study set once its suitability has been verified.

That’s It!

In LOOP LMS, every user plays a part in maintaining a conducive learning environment and to allow users to continue to use LOOP LMS Adaptive Flashcards for their learning needs.

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 Last updated Mon, Dec 13 2021 5:12pm

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