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(FLASHCARD) 13. What should I do after receiving a flagged notification from a flashcard

LOOP LMS lets you delete or resolve flagged flashcards that were deemed inappropriate by other users.

Here’s what to do after receiving a flagged notification in a few steps:

1. Log in to your LOOP LMS account as a Site Administrator. Click on the link (1) in the notification. You will be redirected to a page showing flagged study sets.

2. Click the “Play” button (2) to look through the study set and verify if the flashcard is inappropriate.

3. Click the checkboxes (3) to select the study sets you intend to delete/resolve.

4. Click the “Investigate” button (4) to choose between deleting and resolving the flagged study set.

5. Click “Ok” (5) to confirm your decision.

That’s it!

LOOP LMS allows you to moderate the content of flashcards, preventing other users from coming into contact with inappropriate content and allowing users to continue to use LOOP LMS Adaptive Flashcards for their learning needs. It is recommended that you learn how to flag a flashcard in the event that you encounter any inappropriate flashcards.

 Last updated Mon, Dec 13 2021 5:12pm

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