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(COURSE) 09. How to import questions in the GIFT/AIKEN formats

To save the effort of creating questions that you have previously created, LOOP LMS allows the Instructor and Site Administrator to add questions in the GIFT and AIKEN formats in your portal.

Here’s how to import questions in a few steps:

1. Log in to your LOOP LMS account as an Instructor/Site Administrator. Go to Courses > Question Bank > Import Questions (1).

2. Choose the file format (2), and download the instruction (3) and sample file (4) to start creating questions.

3. Choose the category (5) and fill up the title (6), difficulty level (7), mark per choice (8), and penalty per choice (9). Upload your file (10) and click Import (11).

That’s it!

Start importing the questions into your portal now, or you can find out what are the available question types in LOOP LMS. Next up: learn how to create an assessment to add all the questions that you have created and include it in a course!

 Last updated Wed, Dec 15 2021 8:39am

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