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(COURSE) 11. How to restrict download of course resource

To protect your intellectual property, LOOP LMS provides a download restriction feature while you are creating a course.

Here’s how to restrict download of your course resources in a few steps:

1. Log in to your LOOP LMS account as an Instructor/Site Administrator.

2. Under the Contents tab (1) on Create Course page, after you have selected the file format to upload to an activity under the topic, tick “Restrict Download” (2) before you upload the document (3).

3. Save the uploaded document (4).

4. Save the topic (5).

That’s it!

Now you can protect your intellectual property. Don’t forget to add assessments or surveys to the course! Once the course is published, learn how to manage the course.

 Last updated Wed, Dec 15 2021 8:39am

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